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“Hell, there are no rules here — we're trying to accomplish something.”

Methuselah Foundation

web design & development

A refreshed brand and web app for an organization out to transform human longevity.

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The Methuselah Foundation is on a mission to radically extend healthy human life. Their near-term vision is to catalyze the technological and medical breakthroughs necessary for 90-year olds to be as healthy as 50-year olds - by 2030. They had an old brand that didn't reflect the audacious and courageous work they were doing them; we worked with them to refresh their old brand and completely rebuild their digital presence, and continue to work with them to keep their content fresh and their back-end services working smoothly.
Bjorn & Ting are rockstars. They consistently delivered great work ahead of schedule that was executed cleanly and efficiently, and they were always available to react quickly to feedback. They’re truly dedicated to working hard and smart and they do what they do for all the right reasons. An absolute joy to work with.
Dane Gobel, Operations Director
New Organ

website & print

A website and suite of slide decks to launch an audacious project: extend healthy human life, by catalyzing the technology to grow new organs.

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The New Organ Project exists to catalyze breakthroughs in regenerative medicine - in other words, making it possible for people with failing organs to receive transplants not of already-used organs from donors, but new organs grown from the recipient's own DNA. We worked with New Organ to help them develop and launch their brand, including slide decks, PDFs, and a new web app. We continue to partner with them to implement new initiatives and manage their digital platforms.
Ting and Bjorn are rare because they want to empower people working on difficult, important, macro problems. Their skillset and dedication would make them valuable collaborators for anyone working on a complex challenge.

design consulting

An outdated website for an economic development NGO needed a refresh; we consulted the steering committee on implementing modern design and UX.

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Chemonics is one of the world's largest international development NGOs, leading development projects in more than 100 countries over the past 40 years. At the time we worked with them, their website was outdated and needed a refresh. We served on the steering committee for the redesign, offering consulting and suggestions on how to incorporate modern design and user experience into the new site. We continued to meet with the steering committee, offering input as they iterated over new designs. By the end of the project, the design and development team succeeded in building a fresh, modern site that achieved the approval of both the steering committee and Chemonics' leadership, and engaged with a modern audience.
Serial Metrics

brand identity & website

A machine learning startup in the Bay Area that needed the whole nine yards: branding, visual identity, and website. We made it happen.

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Serial Metrics is a cutting-edge machine learning company in San Francisco, poised to revolutionize the power of algorithms and big data. At the time we began working with them, they had a minimal Wordpress template as a website, and no professional brand materials. Over the course of several months, we worked with them to develop a complete brand identity, professional-grade website, and marketing materials.
Bjorn is the consummate professional. His designs satisfy a remarkable aesthetic while his consultation assures an ability to ‘grok’ the bigger picture. The final work-product is purposeful and efficient, and the development process adapts well to an ever-changing set of requirements.
Amir Behbehani, Founder and CEO
Museum of Anthropology

brand & exhibit design

A new brand and print materials for the Musuem of Anthropology Vancouver, one of the world's leading museums.

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The Museum of Anthropology of Vancouver is a leader in exhibition design and preserving First Nations cultural heritage. We worked with them to strengthen the brand of their youth program and design graphics for their exhibits and retail space.
Ting's passion for design, creative thinking, her ability to work independently and as part of a team, and her excellent organizational and research skills make her ideal to work with. She was thoughtful, respectful and critically aware of the different contexts in which she worked, whether it be museum, educational or community related.
Pam Brown, Curator, Pacific Northwest
Future Facing

web development

A professional brand and website, built for a competitive bid with the American Forest Foundation.

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Future Facing is a platform of thinkers, designers, and doers on a mission to make America's forests thrive based in San Francisco. They were in the final stages of submitting a competitive proposal for a multi-million dollar project, and needed a professional-grade website up and running in a hurry. They had a batch of design files, but no one on their team with the skills to successfully launch their site. On a tight deadline, we worked with their design team to rapidly prototype and implement a professional, modern site and successfully launch their brand.

brand identity & marketing

A brand identity and suite of marketing materials for a startup entering the highly competitive world of artisinal chocolate.

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TCHO is a startup artisanal chocolate company, out to raise the bar and what chocolate means to the world. We worked with the Creative Marketing team to design a cohesive brand from store signs to packaging to web sites.
Talented, creative, charismatic - Ting has her finger on the pulse of what's happening, is full of energy, gets stuff done, and is always laughing. A joy to be around, a great collaborator to work with.
Louis Rossetto, Chief Creative Director
SNP Communications

brand identity & marketing

Refreshed brand and website for a bleeding-edge consulting firm in San Francisco.

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SNP is a communications consulting company in San Francisco that works with the leaders of Fortune 100 tech companies. We worked with them to reimagine their 20-year old brand and design a fresh, cutting-edge brand and website.
Ting's creative vision and her passion for design would make her a valuable asset to any design project. Ting is very knowledgeable and efficient in her work, and offers valuable suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the design process.
Carl Blakey, Creative Director

brand identity & marketing

The complete package: brand, visual identity, and web app, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

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The Meraki Xperience is a 10-day event to help entrepreneurs refresh, synthesize, and launch their next creative project. We started working with them at the beginning, before they had a brand, before they had a product, before they had a team. Over the lifetime of the project we worked with them to identify their mission, values, and product, and develop consistent brands and messaging. We iterated that branding into a series of prototype digital platforms, ultimately producing a professional-grade web site that served as the primary expression of their brand.
Working with Ting and Bjorn was a true pleasure. Ting's eye for creating clean, visually inspiring design joined with Bjorn's superb coding skills and can-do attitude are the perfect pairing. I constantly had friends and colleagues asking who made our website, and would recommend them any day!
Weezie Yancey-Siegel, Co-Founder

The difference we make:

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“Adventurers and entrepreneurs get along incredibly well. Both maintain the delusional belief that in the face of complete, uncontrollable chaos, everything will work out perfectly fine.”

About Us
We are a creative studio based in San Francisco. We specialize in developing brands people love and digital tools that help turn dreams into reality. Everything is custom. We don't use templates or shortcuts. We offer flexible pricing models to startups and early-stage entrepreneurs, to make sure you can get the quality tools you need to successfully launch. We exist to create beautiful brand experiences that engage your community and inspire action.
Our Process
Our Team
Our Team

We believe in good design, high integrity, and eating noodles. Also, a lean, fast-moving, networked team that can morph in size and shape to handle any project. Which means we have a core team in San Francisco that includes design talent, coding expertise, and business acumen, and maintain a global network of experts that provide specialized skills in fields ranging from context-aware native apps to video production.

Team vital stats

  • Bubble teas consumed: >60
  • Burpees completed: 1,310
  • Miles flown: 55,000
  • Pounds of street food consumed: >1,000
Bjorn Cooley
Ting Kelly
Daniel Pepper

Bjorn has been programming since high school, and doing web development since 2009. He graduated from Yale University in 2011 where he studied economic history. After graduation he worked on economic development projects in Afghanistan and Haiti, before becoming a full-time freelance developer in 2013. When not programming he eats dumplings.

Ting started a baking business when she was 10 and has been passionate about entrepreneurship ever since. She has worked for numerous startups in San Francisco and Vancouver, and previously worked as Brand and Community Director at a communication consulting firm. Ting is a fellow at the Long Now Foundation and an advisor for the Dalai Lama Fellows and the Hive.

Daniel worked on Facebook's engineering team for nearly five years, helping build technology to scale the company's staff and culture over 5x. Continuing his efforts to create social capital, he founded an intentional community in San Francisco, advises a number of early stage startups, and volunteers with an educational non-profit.

Our Process

Process Compass
We discover your brand values, core beliefs, and goals, and envision both a visual aesthetic and brand strategy.
We translate your visual aesthetic and brand strategy into a cohesive identity including story boards, logos, and web design.
Where the magic happens. We take everything we've discussed, sketched, designed, and imagined, and turn it into a product you can share.
We build our products for iteration, so that as you and your community see changes you want made, the product can quickly evolve to be exactly what you want.

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